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  • What is composite decking?

    Wood Plastic Composite Decking which is considered as the fastest growing wood alternative in the market is made from a mixture of wood and recycled plastics. Had it not for this innovation, plastic waste would just simply end up in the landfill. This very popular replacement for wood offers extraordinary durability, resilience and performance. Because of these features, we guarantee that our product will not split, chip or rot and can surely withstand environmental changes. Moreover, it also has safety features, that for instance, it will not spall and it is also slip resistant unlike wood, so even if you walk on bare feet, you will not fall over.

    Furthermore, this innovation in the decking industry has become more and more popular among home, restaurants, hotels and leisure center owners who have seen the beauty and dependability of this product. As such, they have opted to utilize it as a sustainable alternative for their decking projects.

  • What is the difference between composite decking and wood?

    Natural appearance and aesthetic appeal of wood combined with the durability and resilience of plastic make up the very excellent quality of our composite decking boards. Generally, wood requires continuous maintenance especially when exposed to different weather and environmental conditions but the good thing about this alternative, the composite decking, is that it is relatively stronger and it offers excellent traction, meaning, it will not crack over time. Thus, it is easy to maintain that it will not require frequent sealing and/or repainting.

  • How long will AGGTE Composites decking last?

    Naturally sturdy and durable, this is what you can expect from our composite decking. Even under minimal maintenance, our product is guaranteed to last for many years. On top of this, we offer a Three-Year Limited Warranty on selected AGGTE Composite products for residential applications and One-Year Warranty for commercial applications subject to some terms of exclusions, limitations, and restrictions stipulated in the warranty declaration which our efficient sales team will carefully discuss to you upon purchase.

  • Is AGGTE Composite Cladding/Decking suitable for use in commercial and residential settings?

    Yes! AGTTE composite decking/cladding can be perfectly utilized for both residential and commercial set-ups. In fact, we are already in the business of supplying our excellent product to home and business owners. To fully understand if our product is suited for your current need, please contact our very dedicated sales team on this number: 09163770871. Surely, they will offer you assistance in choosing which product will be suited to your upcoming decking project.

  • What is the mode of delivery?

    As a commitment to deliver the products that you have ordered in the promptest manner, we make sure to send-off all our available stocks ordered within one working day. However, under some circumstances, we advise you that our delivery period can take a minimum of three working days to a maximum of five. Immediately after your orders have been picked, our very efficient service team will reach out to you to inform you about our delivery date and time. Should there be any special arrangements that you wish to have, feel free to discuss it with them. On the exact day of the delivery, we will call you to confirm all the details.

    Since AGGTE composite decking planks are generally heavy/bulky items, we advise the persons whom you will assign to assist us in the unloading to put on appropriate clothing and gloves for their comfort and protection. Please be assured that are delivery team are all trained and skilled in doing their tasks and we guarantee that they will deliver your orders in time and in perfect condition. However, should there be any damages to your property once you let our delivery vehicle get inside your premises, please note that the company will not be liable for it.

    However, should you prefer to pick-up your items at our warehouse in Taal, Batangas, we can also arrange for that. Get in touch with us through 0916377071 so we will be able to come up with the delivery arrangement that you find more convenient.

  • Can I collect goods from your warehouse?

    Aside from the fact that we offer delivery service, our clients can also have the option for pick-up from our warehouse, Monday to Friday, from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Under such arrangement, you have to tick the ‘Local Pick-up’ option on your quotation inquiry or get in touch with our sales team at 09163770871/09293185482 if there are other concerns that you would like to raise of clarifications that you have to make.

  • Do you have a showroom we can visit?

    We don’t have showroom at the moment but customers are welcome to visit our warehouse for actual product viewing from Monday-Friday, our opening times are between 8:00-12:00 am and 1:00-5:00 pm. Call us on 09163770871/0929 4929662 to arrange an appointment.

  • How much does AGGTE decking cost?

    Everything comes with a cost but we assure you that we will compensate what you paid for with the excellent quality of our product. The price of our composite decking actually costs higher when compared with traditional wooden decking but the advantage that it will offer in the long run is indeed very promising. Why? Simply because you will enjoy decreased maintenance cost because of its aesthetic and durability features. Consequently, such cost and time that you will be able to save can increase more time for leisure and enjoyment.

    To give you an idea of our prevailing product prices, kindly follow this link and download our prices.

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